What if my liver is sick?

What if my liver is sick?

Although your liver can repair itself, there is a limit to the abuse it can absorb.

When liver cells are damaged, they form scars and nodules as the damaged tissue try to regenerate. This is called fibrosis and can eventually lead to cirrhosis.

You have only one liver. If your liver is damaged it can no longer function properly. Because of the many important roles your liver plays in maintaining the normal processes in your body, a damaged liver means your health will suffer.

Check out the list of things your liver does for you. That’s what you’ll be missing out on when your liver is sick. Among hundreds of other things, your liver will be impaired in its ability to fight infections, remove waste and toxins and regulate glucose levels and other essential chemicals in your body.

According to the Australian Liver Foundation, over two million Australians are, or have been, affected by liver, bile duct or gall bladder disease. Over 2,000 die each year from chronic liver diseases, cirrhosis and cancers of the liver, gall bladder and bile ducts.

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