Working with your liver's clock

Scientists are beginning to recognise that the liver has a cycle.

  • Your liver synthesises complex chemicals and processes toxins most when bile production is lowest
  • Similarly bile production is highest when chemical synthesis and toxin processing is lowest.
  • Because most food is eaten during the day, bile production is highest in the day.
Your Liver makes more bile during the day

The Clock

  • Bile production is assumed to be highest at 9 am and lowest at 9 pm
  • Switch-over from bile production to chemical synthesis starts around 3pm.
  • Switch-over from chemical synthesis to bile production starts around 3am.
Your Liver makes complex chemicals and processes toxins most during the night

Taking heed of your liver's clock

  • Eat during the hours when your liver is producing most bile.
  • Avoid large meals after 9pm.
  • Try to get to sleep around 9pm.


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